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Recent Exhibitions « Wisdom Beidou»

Release time:

2024-06-13 11:42


Recently, Wisdom Beidou Company participated in agricultural exhibitions held in Bangkok, Krasnodar, Russia, and Minsk with its agricultural machinery automatic steering kit, satellite leveling system, land leveling machine, and agricultural drone products. During the exhibition, numerous dealers and users stopped to chat.

The Wisdom Beidou agricultural machinery automatic steering kit can help driver drive agricultural machinery better and more accurately, reduce driver workload, improve productivity, save land, reduce costs, and achieve the effect of cost reduction and income increase. The satellite leveling system is easier to operate and more efficient compared with laser leveling system. The leveled land can increase the effective arable land area, facilitate mechanized cultivation, save water resources, and improve crop yield. Agricultural drones are a combination of mechanization and intelligence. The new AD50 drone comes standard with 4 centrifugal nozzles, a 50L pesticide box, and 4 centrifugal nozzles, making pesticide spraying and farming easy and efficient.

Wisdom Beidou Company assists agriculture, committed to making agriculture smarter and easier, and increasing crop yields.