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2024 Kazakhstan AgriTek Exhibition

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2024-04-03 07:10

As the main contributor to Kazakhstan's primary industry, agriculture plays an important role in Kazakhstan's economic and social development. Kazakhstan is vast and sparsely populated. The country's arable land area exceeds 20 million hectares, and the annual crop sowing area is about 1,600 to 1,800 hectares. 10,000 hectares, with a grain output of about 18 million tons.


However, the problems faced include low labor productivity and backward infrastructure. The Government of Kazakhstan attaches special importance to the use and development of new technologies in the agricultural sector. The Agricultural Technology Center has also been developing modern new technologies. 


At the agricultural and livestock exhibition supported by the Kazakh government and agricultural department from March 12th to 14th, Beidou actively participated in the exhibition with company's intelligent agricultural- auto steering system, land leveling system and agriculture drones.  It is committed to developing and developing the agricultural technology market in Kazakhstan, bringing new technologies to farmers and saving labor.