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Why use automatic steering system

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2023-12-13 10:49

Automatic steering system can be installed on tractors,harvesters,dispensers and other machinery to guide them crossing fields, helping farmers to sow, transplant, spray pesticide, ridge, plow, harvest, etc. 


Advantages of automatic steering


1.Improve accuracy

Automatic steering systems can guide machinery more accurately than human operators, thereby increasing production and reducing costs.


2.Less fatigue

The automatic steering system eliminates the need for operators to continuously drive the machine, which can reduce fatigue and improve safety.


3. Improve productivity

The automatic steering system allows operators to focus on other tasks, such as monitoring machines or adjusting implements, which helps to improve productivity.


4.No overlap between rows

No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to avoid overlap when guiding a tractor manually. Even a small overlap of a few inches can add up if there are hundreds of rows on your field.

Using an auto steering system allows you to eliminate overlaps and gaps between rows.


5.Lower expenses

Since auto steering system eliminates overlaps during agricultural operations, farmers use less fuel and time to cover each section of the field. Plus, they allow agriculture professionals to use less fertilizers, pesticides, seeds, etc.

Today, automatic steering system is not optional, but a must for every farmer who wants to stay competitive and keep costs low.