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Why use satellite land leveling system

Release time:

2023-12-13 10:47


Leveling the land can improve soil structure, meet the requirements of field irrigation and drainage, maintain soil fertility, provide good conditions for sowing and crop growth, increase effective arable land area, facilitate mechanized cultivation, save water resources, and increase crop yield.

Wisdom Beidou’s satellite leveling system has the characteristics of high precision and performance, and is widely used in large-scale land leveling in precision agriculture, such as wasteland reclamation, land improvement and leveling, slope land to terraced fields, paddy field leveling, and dry land leveling. It can also be used in water conservancy, airport construction, and the construction of large sports venues.

1.    The operation is simple, with one click to set the benchmark and 5 seconds to start the leveling operation.

2.    Based on the Beidou high-precision positioning system, and compatible with GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/QZSS.

3.    Supports flat slopes and horizontal surfaces, with adjustable control accuracy.

4.    Equipped with elevation measurement function, it can grasp height difference information before leveling the land.

5.    Supports multiple differential modes for free, convenient, and seamless switching.

6.    Supports remote online upgrade of the system and remote device map positioning.

7.    Highly integrated 10.1 inch high-definition touch screen, visualizing elevation thermal maps,  improving operation efficiency.

8.    The operating distance of network base station is not limited, with a mobile and portable base station operating radius of 3 kilometers and a fixed base station operating radius of 25 kilometers.

9.    Portable base station can be installed arbitrarily without leveling, with ultra-low power consumption and long battery life. It supports power bank supply and worry free operation for a whole day.

10.    The on-site operation is not affected by weather conditions such as sandstorms, blowing sand, and heavy fog, with high accuracy and can achieve 24 hours operation.

11.    Easy installation and debugging, easy maintenance, and can directly replace all manufacturers' laser leveling control machines of various models and widths.